is a global crowdfunding platform that encourages creative ideas around the world by building a better community. Through connecting to people globally, you maximize your contributions to fund your dreams and make ideas happen. We believe in the policy of togetherness i.e. uniting together to support ideas and needs of others to bring up global sustainability.

  • Setup Campaign in Minutes
  • Instant Campaign Activation
  • Receive Donations on Mobile Friendly Pages
  • Lowest Pricing vs Competitors
  • No Penalties for Missing your Goal
  • Keep every donations that you Receive
  • Easy to Use Social Marketing Tools
  • Easy Youtube and Vimeo Video Uploads


It’s easy to get started. We are here to make your journey a joyful and memorable one. Simply register your account and create a campaign, project or a cause in just a few minutes. Make sure you have a valid WePay account to receive or make donations. Write a compelling story with a suitable title and attach a picture that will surely attract supporters. Your project description should tell supporters how their money would make an impact on the cause.

Here’s our quick fundraiser checklist-

  • Appropriate Project Info and Data
  • Goal Amount
  • Attractive Photos and YouTube / Vimeo videos
  • Fixed Deadline, that’s the duration for which the campaign will be actively collecting funds


Share your story with your loved ones who can make a big impact on the project success. Your friends, family, and relatives can raise funds or share your campaign to community they know that will open thousands of opportunities to help you accomplish your target goal. You can use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to spread the word about your fund raising campaign.

Some supporters might lack funds to donate, but however may help in spreading the word to their known people and community through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Spreading word about the project on different platforms is a great help a supporter can provide.


Our payment option is easy and quick. Donations are easily transferred to your WePay account when someone contributes towards your campaign. A 3.5% fee is charged by over the donated amount, this nominal fee collected by is used for paying off the maintenance and operating cost of

Note: Applicable transaction fee would be charged by WePay. Click here to Know more about Fees.