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Only registered users of can create a campaign. So first, you will need to create an account at

Once you have created an account, just log-in to your account and click on "create a campaign" from the website menu.

Follow the easy steps and within a few minute's your campaign will be up and running.

Four Step process of creating a campaign:

Note: In some cases, your campaign may need to be approved by the admin of in order to be published. This is a verification phase where the admin validates your campaign and the content uploaded by you, you may also be contacted by the campaign verification team for certain clarifications if needed.

All accounts/campaigns will require a account to receive fund after campaign end date or goal is reached.

The more information you provide your donors on your campaign page the better. The final step to making your campaign live is to set up your "payment" account with

WEPAY is the financial processor that holds and disburses the donor’s funds once you have reached your campaign end date. WEPAY requires that you create or link your existing WEPAY account to your campaign in order to receive funds in a timely manner.

After you have successfully linked your WEPAY account to your Donors campaign, your only job is now to spread the word. The easiest and fastest way that our donors reach their goals is by promoting their link on Facebook and Twitter, and other social media networks. You want to get your campaign in as many hands as you can. 

Make sure you have completed all required items to make a campaign successful. On the last step "STEP-4" you will see button on the bottom right corner named "Show me what left to do".

If you have not completed entering all the necessary / mandatory data related to the campaign you will be able to see it here.

NOTE: On every step, while creating a campaign you will come across a "SAVE" button, do save your setting at every section and sub-section. 

Publishing your campaign LIVE.

If you have completed all required data items to make a campaign successful. On the last step "STEP-4" you will see the following


Click "Go LIVE NOW" button to publish your campaign. The campaign will go under approval process where your campaign will be published to live only if approved by Admin team of 

Note: A campaign that is not yet published, is a draft campaigns. The moment you start creating a campaign the campaign gets automatically saved as a draft. To know more about DRAFT campaigns visit