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What are perks?

Most campaigns have perks as an offer, you can consider it as a return gift to the donor towards the contribution amount. A perk could be a tangible or an intangible gift, it can be anything but should be in line with the guidelines defined under “Terms of Service” and make sure no terms are violated.

Perks are normally listed on the Campaign page, under the "contribute now" button with “Select Perk” title seen on the right side of the campaign page. If no perks listed that means the campaign owner may have decided not to offer any perks.

Please note: Perks are offered and managed solely by campaign owners and not by

As a donor, if you select a perk based donation then you need to have some patience, on receiving your perks! Respective campaign owners are obligated by Terms of Use to fulfill their perks. For any inquiry about the status of your perks, please contact the campaign owner directly.

Campaign owners are requested to update their contributors on the delivery status of their perks by sending out campaign updates. Updates are also posted on the campaign page. We recommend you to check periodically if the campaign owner has posted any updates about the perks.