Q. What is Donors.com?

Donors.com is a fundraising service platform that provides people who want to raise money an avenue to create, launch and broadcast their campaigns. It is also used by people to find inspiring campaigns from across the world that they can align with.

Q. How much does Donors.com cost?

Joining Donors.com is free however, there is a standard platform fee levied on any funds raised through the platform, which is 3.5% of funds raised if you meet your goal and extra 3.5% if you do not meet your goal.

Q. Do you recommend connecting with Facebook or Twitter?

Yes, we do! It's a simple way for anyone to log into Donors.com.

If you're a campaigner, it's a great way to let backers know a little bit more about you. It's an easy way to show backers you're a real person. You may also edit the privacy settings of your Facebook or Twitter account to control what your guests see.

Q. Does Donors.com ascertain a campaign or owner’s claim?

Donors.com does not ascertain a campaign’s or owner’s claims. All claims and responsibilities of each project are its owner’s. People decide a project’s legitimacy or worthiness and decide whether they want to make a donation or not

Q. Cannot Sign in to my account.

You may face problem during the sign-in process under the following cases.

If, Email Address or Password you are entering is invalid. We request you to use the forgot password option on the sign in page in case you don't remember the correct credentials. 

If, Post registration you have not verified your email. [An activation email is sent post registration]. If for some reason you have not received the activation email system can resend you the same. Just click on this LINK and enter your registered email address.