4 Ways to Raise Funds for a Trip

Traveling does not always involve luxury. Some of us do this for more meaningful purposes. However, money is surely a concern when you are cash strapped or have limited funds at your disposal for a trip. Going abroad or any distant place requires you to have a hefty amount of cash. After all, the plane ride is not the only thing that you should worry about. Food, shelter, and other survival amenities should be among your priorities as well.

No matter how noble your cause is, traveling is still expensive. However, this should not discourage you. There are some creative ways to raise funds for a trip.

How to Raise Funds for a Trip?

If you want to go abroad to study or to do volunteering acts, then you should prepare a proper budget. Usually, it could cost you about 1,500 per week to do short volunteer programs. That includes the airfare as well. If you are planning a long-term stay, then the expenses could stack up. This is the reason why asking for help is not a bad idea at all. As long as you have a good endeavor, people will be glad to extend their helping hands.

Here are some tips for fundraising for trips.

1. Going to Crowdfunding Websites.

There are some websites which can help you get where you want. These are not some bogus sites which will make a fool out of you. These are real people here who are willing to give you a shot.

For now, online fundraising is the most convenient way to outsource for donations. It will not require you to do all those traditional ways of fundraising, which are arduous in the first place.

All you need to do is to give your honest pitch. Introduce yourself and tell more about your cause. If people find it authentic and heartfelt, then expect their guaranteed help.

Online crowdfunding websites like ours can generate as much as $10,000 per one cause. It is quite a deal that anyone will want to grab. However, getting a donation online is not easy. As we said, better be honest. Or else, people will see you as a scam.

2. Write a Blog.

There is no better way to compel people than letting them hear your story. It doesn’t matter how lengthy they would. As long as the right contents are there, people will take an interest.

Writing a blog about your deeds, dreams, or ambitions will attract people to support you. Moreover, it is a way of updating them about your progress. Aside from that, it becomes a proof that you are not just playing around.

When you write a blog, make sure you state your efforts and the things you have accomplished. Tell the people what benefit they can get from helping your mission trip fundraising. Just make the right pitch.

Moreover, don’t forget to include some personal insights. Elaborate your experiences and share what you learned during your trip. We can guarantee that people will give just for you to get back there!

3. Asking for Help from your Friends and Family.

If there are individuals who know your cause very well, they are your family and friends. They should be the first people you should ask for help.

However, it should not be done out of a standard solicitation method. Try to be creative as well. If your birthday is coming, tell them to give you donations instead of buying personal gifts. Send them a note that states that the cash will be used for your charity and volunteerism.

Moreover, tell them the name of the organization you are working with. If you are doing an independent program, just state your objective and reasons.

4. Partnering with Companies.

There are companies and firms who are willing to help non-profit organizations and other volunteer acts. Usually, they will host programs in where the proceeds will go to charity. Of course, the first step for this would be contacting them. Have an appointment with the head of the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) department. In the meeting, lay down everything about your charity and mission.

If your pitch sounds good to them, then they will host a program of your choice. Make sure that you will help to gather audiences to attend your event. The many the people are, the more success you can expect.

Traveling somewhere to extend your kindness is an act worthy of recognition. However, getting help is a different issue as well. Therefore, conducting fundraising for trips is necessary at some point. Don’t worry. Just continue what you are doing. Later on, people will just acknowledge your efforts.

Who knows? Next time, you might not need to run a mission trip fundraising. Instead, people will just automatically extend their aid for your cause!